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12:15PM November 02, 2020

Kevin Cell

Julie Don’t take this personally because you can only reply with the information given to you by the project manager. Part of the Project Managers job is to provide meaningful updates to both project committee (GLE) and customers and although this site was a step in that direction you really cant get much of update here. One of the important parts of this project should be setting customers expectations which certainly isn’t being done and that is not your fault. Im going to share my timeline so that others can set their expectations somewhat at least. I think even when you read my timeline you will see how there are no real updates. People come here and share their disastrous internet stories and what they get in return isn’t even a real update. So here is my timeline. End of 2019 I am having internet problems myself and am trying to plan what to do next, I look at the truestream update for my area to find that they will begin my area in the spring of 2020(now spring of 2020 is a very big window but no problem) fast forward to march of 2020 and the update for my area is they will begin in spring of 2020. One would think as you get closer to spring with some effort on the part of the project manager you could narrow the window if they cared too. Anyway out of the blue a few weeks later a crew is running line down my street and I say finally its here. Wait not so fast as I find the next update to be fall of 2020 with nothing in between. August of 2020 comes around and the current update is you guessed it fall of 2020 ( I guess im having trouble excepting that nobody cares enough to give meaningful updates to the customers) then a couple weeks later a crew shows up to bury conduit and once again everyone vanishes. The best update I have received is when you said the home run crew is about 8 weeks behind the conduit crew. They haven’t shown up yet but where there is a project there is a problem so nothing is carved in stone. Based on something I read recently it sounds like the install crew might be another 3 months behind the home run crew, who really knows though because there are no real updates just generic ones. All in All people should expect another year or so after they start your area that you might be on the internet. That’s how it looks anyway. Again don’t take it personally as everyone knows you can only share the updates given to you. Hopefully you can see when you put the updates together they really aren’t updates at all. Everyone is excited about finally getting real internet so you can probably imagine how frustrating it is hearing generic updates with no real meaning.

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12:09PM November 05, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Kevin, thank you for your concern about our process. We would love to be able to tell everyone exactly when our service will be available in their area, or to their home. We live in the communities we serve too, we understand the lack of reliable, high-speed internet and the frustrations that brings. The reality is a construction project this large, covering multiple counties and thousands of residences and businesses, has multiple variables that can change frequently, so we speak in general terms. If our system was already built and mature, timelines for installation would be a different story. It is also important to note, with a project this large, we begin communications in a very broad sense of the entire service territory, Boyne for example. When construction is set to begin, we break that down further into phases, Boyne Phase 1, Boyne Phase 2 and Boyne Phase 3. We announced construction would begin in our Boyne Phase 1 area in the spring - which it did. At that point, we break it down further into smaller areas - Boyne City 1, Deer Lake 3, Advance 2, etc. and we adjust timelines further on our monthly construction update. Our crews are working hard to bring Truestream as quickly and safely to as many members as possible and we do send out location-specific updates over the course of the installation to your home, letting you know future steps in the process. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss any further, please let us know.