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12:25PM October 21, 2020

Nate Plummer

I'm paying $113 a month on Frontier Internet with speeds of 8mbps, sometimes dropping to 1 throughout a day. Your service plan of $99 for 1000mbps up and down, is like a dream come true. Please, please, I've reached out to many people up and down my road, and also have 4 or 5 houses of family members living on this road, to which we own a large acreage farm, and they have all registered from what they have told me. Please save us from terrible, and non existent internet. I've looked into this issue for about 10 years now and it seems you and Starlink from Elon Musk are our only hope. Please begin construction soon, for the sake of the rural area on Baseline 2 and New Era 3 and help the farmers of this area connect to the wider world online! Thank you, Nate Plummer - Plummer Farms Inc.

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12:36PM November 02, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Nate, thank you got your interest in Truestream! We hear you, and we are working hard to bring Truestream's high-speed internet to as many rural folks as fast as we can! Building to our entire 26-county service area will take time, but we are making more and more progress everyday. Thank you for encouraging your neighbors and family to register, demand for service in an area is an important factor we look at when deciding where to start construction next!