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2:28PM September 29, 2020

Douglas Gabel

Hi Julie! 100% of my neighborhood signed up for Truestream. We were quite happy when the crews finally arrived to install the orange tube to each of our houses but that has been a month ago and so far no installation of the fiber itself has happened. Most of us currently use a wireless internet provider and unfortunately one of their transmitting radios has failed and the second is about to. Service drops completely every couple of minutes. They know Truestream is coming so they won't spend the money to fix the service issues. It's frustrating and we are kind of trapped and isolated here. Any update on the next step or better yet when roughly we can expect to get service up and running? Thanks, Doug

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12:57PM October 02, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Douglas and Kevin, thank you both for your interest in Truestream! As with most construction projects, exact timelines are pretty hard to predict. So far, our fiber drop crews (who bring the fiber line from the mainline to your home) are running about 6-8 weeks behind the conduit installation crews. Douglas, your area, the Advance 2 area still needs the network equipment installed to 'light up' the entire fiber network - which will be happening soon. Kevin, that has been done in the Deer Lake 3 area already. In-home installations will then follow. We are scheduling those by area, so when we are scheduling in your area, we will give you a call! If you have any additional questions, please let me know!

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12:36PM October 01, 2020

Kevin Cell
I am hoping for a rough estimate as well. I am Ok with just an estimate of how long after the conduit team finishes to when the line to home team arrives in the area. Ours has been about 3 weeks now. Doug I hope you dont mind that I piggy backed on your question. Not sure what area you are in as I am in Deer Lake 3