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11:02PM September 21, 2020

Keason Sanvordenker

We are purchasing a home where the current homeowner has ordered Truestream, (Harbor Springs 3) but it is not yet installed. We will lose our place in the install queue or can the install order be transferred when the electric service is transferred? Is it possible to switch Speed Tiers after installation, and what is the cost to switch? Will Truestream wifi support Gigabit or is that strictly for wired connections?

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2:59PM September 24, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Keason, thank you for your interest in Truestream! I do not see where the current owners of the address you registered with are registered for Truestream. Do you have an idea of when the electric account will be in your name, we will need that before we can move forward with the Truestream installation. You can also switch plans without incurring any additional cost, but you do need to be on a plan for one full billing cycle before you can change. Wi-Fi is generally slower than a hardwired connection, but when determining possible speeds, the device itself matter as well. There is more information about what you can expect regarding Wi-Fi speeds at https://www.truestreamfiber.com/faq/ in the Troubleshooting and Tips section. If you have any additional questions, please let me know!