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2:44PM September 01, 2020

Michael Smith

My wife called customer service back on 8/20 because our installation has taken so long. She was told that the customer service person had talked to an installer and they would try to fit us in today. I was able to talk to the installer an hour ago and he said he had other appointments to get to and there's really nothing he could do. All of the problems started with Truestream losing our paperwork, to Wolf Construction skipping our conduit install and then 5 weeks later coming back and walking away because they said they had to go under the driveway but I showed them they didn't so they stayed and installed the conduit. Then after a quick week the fiber line was installed, but then after many calls that were routed to voicemail to schedule the in home install we were told it would be 10 weeks! So once again we were given lip service rather than someone stepping up to resolve the problems created by Truestream/Wolf.

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3:59PM September 03, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Michael, I apologize for the frustrations you have had with Truestream so far. I have passed your comment on to a supervisor, he will contact you to discuss the issues you have mentioned. If you have any additional questions in the meantime, please let me know.