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1:57PM August 14, 2020

Tom Kolodgy

It has been 3 months since the box was installed on the side of my house on N Ayr rd and the fiber line was connected, gentleman came out and tested a couple days after that and said someone would call for install, what is the next step in getting connected,just hoping to get True internet connection for the upcoming school year for my daughters online classes.

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7:59PM August 20, 2020

Edgar Jacobs
I'm in the same area on Valley rd. The box has been on my house since June. Just wondering what's the hold up?

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11:22AM August 20, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Tom, I apologize for the delayed response - in researching your account status and contacting a fiber service rep, I forgot to actually respond to you! It looks like you are on the schedule though, we can't wait to welcome you into the Truestream family!

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3:32PM August 19, 2020

Truestream has a Facebook account where they give monthly construction updates. Here is the last update https://www.truestreamfiber.com/construction-update-july2020/