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5:35PM August 10, 2020

Rachael Daniels

Any idea when to expect home connection on Ranney Rd in East Jordan by the reservation? We are out of options, and are in desperate need with school coming and having a child that can not do in class learning. We know you are busy, and totally understand. Our hot spot box just can’t handle the demand that is coming. I heard a rumor that it wouldn’t be till like fall of 2021-Spring of 2022?

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5:24PM August 14, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Rachel, thank you for your interest in Truestream! The construction of the mainline fiber network has begun in our East Jordan area. With current registrations factored in, we expect the construction-to-the-home (the drop) to start in our East Jordan area in the late fall of this year and continue on until they are complete.