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10:08AM July 24, 2020

Chris Smith

I live on state Rd. in Harbor Springs, the Fiber was run up to my house about a month and a half ago, i even had the orange tube sticking out of the ground right next to my kitchen window. The orange tube was gone after about 3 days, and i never heard another word about finishing my installation. I did call the true stream number on July 6th to inquire about the finishing of my install, i was told they would call me back shortly but I never heard another word. i just called again today 7/24/2020 to inquire once again about finishing up my install. This time i was told that according to the install request for my address they were still waiting to run the fiber to my residence. I explained once again that the fiber was already run up to my house over a month and half ago and that there is very distinct trench line running through my driveway up to my house from where the fiber was laid. The person i spoke to then said again that they were waiting for the fiber to run to my place, and as soon as that happens they can finish my install which would be in another month or so. So i'm just looking for some clarification on my install and when i might actually have my service hooked up, because it sounds like some information is not being shared with the appropriate parties.

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4:50PM July 24, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Chris, thank you for your interest in Truestream. The construction-to-the-home for underground installations is a multi-step process. Calling MISS DIG and having the orange conduit is just the first step. It looks like that was done about a month ago at your location. There is a separate crew that will then come out to bring the actual fiber line from the mainline, through the conduit, and to the side of your house. At that time, they will install a gray box on the side of your house as well. It looks like that was done today. Once we verify that the fiber line is operational and working like we think it should, we will give you a call to schedule your in-home installation!