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10:45PM July 08, 2020

Barry Mumich

Hello, You guys have been working hard trying to give us truestream, and I am very excited for it. Our hotspot isn't cutting it anymore. We blow through our 30GB fast internet within 2 days, and it just drives us nuts. It looks like the majority of the construction phase has been finished in the Advance, Boyne City, and Deer Lake areas. I'm just wondering when the connecting phase will take place. I live in the advance 1 area. I've heard rumors that it'll be sometime in the fall or possibly winter. The sooner the better is what I like to hear, but no rush.

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12:14PM July 13, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Barry, thank you for your interest in Truestream! Based on our current crews and registrations we have received, we will begin the connections-to-the-home in our Advance and Deer Lake areas starting in the fall and continue on until complete. More detailed information can be found on our monthly construction update on truestreamfiber.com/ in the News section. If you have any questions, let me know!