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2:21PM April 21, 2020

Henriette Keely

Hello, yesterday flags were put up in my yard and I was wondering if that is going to be the path for the fiber cable. Does the fiber follow the same path as the electric cable or does it come into the house a different way? I am worried a stone walkway might be in the way.

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4:58PM April 21, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Henriette, thank you for your interest in Truestream! If they are white flags, they are the proposed path the fiber line will take from the mainline to the side of your home. Generally, that will follow a very similar path as your electric line, and a small gray box will be installed near your meter base, when possible. If they are different colored flags, it is likely MISS DIG coming to mark the underground utilities in preparation for your underground installation. We strive to leave your property undisturbed, so the proposed fiber path should avoid any major landscaping you have.