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9:10PM July 19, 2018

Al Adan

I was so excited to see this that I actually ended up registering twice by accident. We are in great need of high speed internet at Lake Louise (Thumb Lake) in Boyne Falls. I previously high Century link DSL and was getting .28Mbps (yes, that is a decimal point in front of the 28). I switched to Hughes Net and we are currently paying more than your highest rate for 1000 Mbps and getting on average somewhere between 7Mbps and 15Mbps (and on rare occasions up to 25 Mbps) but are capped at 50 GB of data per month after which we are slowed down to crawl speed. While some may think that Lake Louise is only a summer community, there are a greater number of retirees like myself that live here full-time as well as owners that use their lake homes on a year round basis for 4 season activities. Most of them are used to high speed internet downstate and have more and more technology dependent on the the internet and wi-fi to monitor and control smart thermostats, cameras, security systems, etc. There are also more people working remotely when at the lake who would benefit from high speed internet. There are about 140 residences at the lake, three summer camps and a year round retreat center that would benefit from having high speed internet, since kids today (and adults) can't live without their smart phones. I signed up to be a champion and look forward to making this dream a reality. Keep up the good work, we are counting on you.