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11:56AM April 02, 2020

Jennifer Krussell

Good day. I completely understand only offering to your existing electric company. However, I do not believe I have an option and have Consumers. Our address is currently 1/8 of a mile outside of one of your corwith areas designated on your soon to coverage map. I just don't understand why we would not be included if we are so close. We cannot use cell internet as we do not get enough signal. We use satellite but it is so faint it is hard for our grandchildren to stream anything for school. In addition, you have a gas line going right down the easement of our 200 acres. We hope you reconsider based upon not having any viable options, your gas line easement and being so dang close to us in the corwith future.

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2:04PM April 02, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Jennifer, thank you for your interest in Truestream. I understand your frustrations, but there is a couple of reasons offering high-speed fiber internet to our members is our priority. First, as an electric cooperative, our members are the owners, so they are the priority. Second, we have an existing electric grid, making attaching the fiber lines to our own poles easier. Attaching our equipment on others' poles gets more complicated. At some point, we may expand beyond our own electrical service territory. I would still encourage you to register your interest because we will need to know where folks want us the most!