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11:54AM March 25, 2020

John Dalzotto

Elmira 2 - 82% to goal. Please seriously look at our area. We have NOTHING at my house or on my street. Any by nothing I mean 1.5mbps from CenturyLink if lucky! The broadband maps are wrong, they show the whole area being able to get cable/other high speed. I can't even work from home it's so bad. Even if it's not full deployment and just the people that can't get anything else would be super appreciative. I'm glad to see some builds scheduled though, that's very encouraging!

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4:08PM March 25, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi John, thank you for your interest in Truestream! The Elmira and Corwith service areas are both in our Boyne Phase 3 plan. We are in the beginning engineering phase right now. We will be conducting fielding, which will help us determine materials and goods needed for construction. When we have more information on when the mainline construction will start we'll be sure to share it!