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7:43PM March 24, 2020

Judith Muma

We are in the Advance 1 area. I am so excited to see that you are stringing wire up on the poles in my area! Couple questions: When will we actually receive your service? Also, I am really interested in the telephone service you offer for $34.99. Do I need to add that to my order now AND can we keep our existing phone number? Thank you! Judy Muma

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3:09PM March 25, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Judith, thank you for youtr interest in Truestream! We expect installation in our Advance and Deer Lake areas to begin in the late fall and continue through the winter (as possible), and into the spring 2021. I can certainly add the phone service to your order, and yes, you can keep your existing number! If you have any questions, please let me know!