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3:11PM March 20, 2020

Barbara j. Bradford

snow...meeting last night on stream was ....blur and could not tell who was talking ...TRUE-STREAM /GREAT LAKES ENERGY? do you mind if I sit on the closest pole and wait for you to hook me up? Maybe when all those little copper wires wrap around me. ...I can finally say...I SEE YOU...AND I HEAR YOU...CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? a smoke signal would be an improvement...CARONA 19....LEAVE TOWN...WE DISCRIMINATE.....WE DO NOT WANT YOU IN OUR COMMUNITY!....👮‍♂️😱🦵👵🤗

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11:58AM March 24, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Barbara, we're still out there building as quickly and safely as we can, and this just emphasizes even more how needed high-speed internet is! Please stay safe out (well, actually inside) there!