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9:56PM July 14, 2018

Ellen Hufnagel

Looking forward to actual wifi and not satillite. Frustrating when I see cable lines from Berger Rd/Mitchelle Rd heading east and down S. Ellsworth Rd, knowing they are not Truestream but another provider who has refused to come "up the hill" into Antler Hill Assoc because there are only 3 full time homes. Many of my coworkers who live rural Petoskey and are Great Lakes customers are all excited and ready to make the change. Because my unlimited data package is so bad, we are getting ready to cancel service. Why pay the amount we are paying and get nothing. Between that and horrible cellular service with Verizon....I am personally saying WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from all of the unsatisfide Satillite internet customers.