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11:16AM January 06, 2020

Robert Monroe

The January 2020 Country Lines alerted me to the reorganization of the Truestream service areas. The online info for West Traverse 3 shows us at 73%. Uggh. I would have guessed a higher rate. Is this due to a summer/year-round resident differential?

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12:28PM January 09, 2020

Roger Smith
If you haven't noticed if you are not close to the main office (Boyne) it is going to be a while for service!

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5:10PM January 07, 2020

Julie Bailey
Hi Robert, thank you for your interest in Truestream! Part of the lower demand in West Traverse 3 is likely due to seasonal residents who have access to cable internet. We are still bringing service to a majority of the West Traverse 3 area that is interested though!