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5:02PM October 08, 2019

Daniel Hoggard

Julie, when I asked you on August 19th when you may be getting to Skyline Drive in Petoskey you said they were going to be in our area that week. There are 20plus houses in our subdivision and 2 or three have been hooked up. I have been told that the underground is messed up. The whole neighborhood is talking of coming to the meeting on the 9th to try to get some answers. Several people removed their satellite receivers back in August and it has been 50 days since my last message. Can someone give us some answers on where were are at on getting hooked up? I have a conduit going to my home as I stated before and there are three other conduits going to the two green boxes on the corner of my lot with fiber running thru two of them.

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3:26PM October 10, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Daniel, I apologize for the delays, I know Skyline Drive has proven to be trickier than we anticipated. Our construction supervisor will be out there Friday morning to meet with the crews. I will pass your message on to him and have him contact you with any additional information he can provide.