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1:03PM September 05, 2019

Heather Bentley

Hey true stream! My family and I are excited for the new internet. We are curious as to when the installation will come our way? We live in the Hills of Walloon community out past Camp Dagget. I noticed that Camp Dagget just got their fiber up and running not too long ago. Any Dates we can look forward to? Thanks!

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1:25PM September 09, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Heather, your order is with one of our underground contractors. If you haven't already, you will be seeing the MISS DIG flags soon. Once those flags are in, use the flags we provided to mark anything you may have installed yourself, and our crew will be out soon to install the conduit and then fiber line! Once that fiber line is installed, we will call to schedule the installation. It shouldn't be too much longer!