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3:09PM May 30, 2019

Lisa LaGrou

Hi Julie! I apologize in advance for asking, as I am guessing you get these questions all day, every day! I emailed at the beginning of May and they mentioned that we would be installed late May/June. I hadn't heard from the Fiber Coordinators so I emailed again a few days ago and they're now saying July/August for home installation. Could you confirm? THANK YOU for your help!!! We work from home and can't wait for this!

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11:40AM May 31, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Lisa, don't apologize, I want to answer as many questions you have! With the late start to spring and frost laws being active a bit longer than we hoped they would be (not entirely sure it has fully made it up here yet), construction was delayed a bit. Late June/early July is the time frame to begin the in-home installations in both the Hayes and Petoskey East areas and installations will continue through the summer. It looks like we have all your paperwork, so you should be all set with the time does come, and thank you for your patience!