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2:07PM May 20, 2019

Tim Adamczyk

Hi Julie, Any plans for 2021? We are in the Wayland area and other than Boyne, it looks like the Wayland area has the next biggest set of supporters. We are in an area with the options are few and far between, so we are very interested in getting the fiber network installed. BTY, this is the 2nd of 3rd time I have had to repost the the same comment.....wondering if anyone else is having the same issue? Thank you.

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11:28AM June 06, 2019

Roger Smith
Tim, I agree with you the southern Great Lakes Customers are not a priority! They really need to dial back the hype!

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3:58PM May 23, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Tim, I apologize for the delayed answer. My answer is we don't have an answer to that, yet. As we get a bit deeper into the Boyne project and results of the fielding studies in that area, we will be in a better position to look beyond 2020. We'll keep everyone posted!