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11:13AM May 20, 2019

Lynn Oliver

Hello Truestream! I am one of three homes with addresses on Larks Lake Road north of Beckon Road. I believe my two neighbors received Truestream and we are next on the list but its taking longer for underground work? Someone stopped by my home last month and we resubmitted paperwork because Site Plan was lost in the mail somehow. We sent another in via email. Other neighbors south of us are wondering as well. I called in and you did say end of May. Just wondering if that is still true for us. I hope so. I'm gonna throw a party for neighbors out here . . . CAN'T WAIT!!!

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4:34PM May 23, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Lynn, now that the weather is nice we are trying to catch up as fast as we can! It looks like we have everything we need from you, I don't have an exact time they will be out there yet. but it is only a matter of time now!