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11:04AM April 11, 2019

Tim Adamczyk

Julie, I understand the the business model GLE is using to build out the fiber network. I would like to comment that, in my opinion, being a co-op, there should be consideration given to where there are either zero or very few options for internet, not necessarily driven by top demand. Folks like us, where we are in the Wayland area have very few options, all of which do not come close to serving the needs in today's world. As some of other customers have commented, 8-10 years is plain and simply, a pipe dream.

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9:09AM April 18, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Tim, thank you for your input. If there are limited options or no options and people want access, shouldn't the demand for high-speed fiber internet be higher in those areas? We understand the frustration of not having this vital access and the timeline, 8-10 years to cover our entire service area does sound like a long time. At least it is a timeline though, not just an empty promise. Internet service providers do not have regulated territories like electric providers do, so we have no control over who has or doesn't have access to high-speed internet, or where those people may be. Because of this, we think factoring in the demand level is important when making construction and engineering decisions.