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10:23AM April 10, 2019

Annie Minshall

8 - 10 years? I would definitely dial back the hype with a schedule that long. Quite frustrating to be perfectly honest. :(

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7:42PM May 30, 2019

Roger Smith
Couldn’t Agee more with you Annie

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12:12PM April 10, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Annie, we're sorry to disappoint you. We are working as quickly as we can, and yes, to cover our 26 counties it will take some time. We primarily target our communications and marketing to the areas we are actively working in, but we do put the information out there in our Country Lines magazine as well, to raise awareness overall. 8-10 years is our goal for complete construction, but that does not mean because Wayland is in our southern area it will be last. We will take demand into consideration when deciding where to build next.