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10:46PM April 02, 2019

Jeff Lear

Hi Julie, I received the email today that said GLE is coming to our neighborhood in Hayes TWP next. Great news so we're expecting the DocuSign and site plan mail next. Can you tell me normally about how long it takes to get scheduled for running the fiber to the house after the homeowner turns in their site plan? We're in Birdland off of Quarterline Rd. Thanks, Jeff Lear

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11:48AM April 08, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Jeff and Valeri, Thank you for your interest in Truestream! We are starting a majority of the construction, branching off our main lines to all the other areas, in about a week. Construction in the Hayes area will take a little bit of time, we are expecting the in-home installations to begin in June. We will have more details once construction really starts up, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and the news section of truestreamfiber.com!

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11:00AM April 08, 2019

valeri ramage
I am in the same situation and had the same question. I am on Maple Grove Rd and have signed my paperwork. Will It be mid to late summer for us?