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11:17AM March 29, 2019

Glen Wilkinson

I have had a number of people in the Middleville/Gun Lake/Rutland township area ask if they had to be a Great Lakes Energy electrical customer in order to have a potential for Truestream (this area is an endpoint for Great Lakes and Consumers for electricity). Is Truestream only sticking with Great Lakes electrical customers, or looking to the entire area?

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5:30PM April 01, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Glen, Thank you for your interest in Truestream! The short answer, yes, for now. As Great Lakes Energy, we are an electric cooperative, meaning everyone we service is an owner, and we want to bring our high-speed fiber internet to them first! In the future, we may look at expanding outside our area, but for now, our members are our priority. Folks outside our service area are still welcome to register their interest, if we do decide to expand, their interest will help us determine where to go.