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7:44PM March 08, 2019

Amber Holt

Hi. If I registered last summer for my area (Pellston North) am I on the list for free installation eligibility? <— and what does that mean? Do we get free installation or are there additional requirements? Also, once we get service in our area, are we able to change what we said we’d sign up for if we realize we need more/less?

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1:00PM March 11, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Amber, Thank you for your interest in Truestream! If you have already registered (and I see you have), you are eligible for free installation. From a logistical standpoint, want anyone interested to register while we are still working in their area - which is why we are offering free installation. Once we move out of that area, there will be a fee of $149.00. Once we are installing in your area, we will confirm your interest and which plan will best suit your needs. You can change plans as needed, you will just pay (or save) the difference monthly. If you have any additional questions, please let me know!