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12:03PM March 08, 2019

Brenda Devine

So we you ever be the Mancelona area? What gets me your doing the money areas that already have internet services thru Charter why not go to areas that have to depend on Dish or one of those . That goes every time there is a snow storm or heavy rain . You would get way more people in those area but then again that were the money is at.

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12:51PM March 11, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Brenda, Thank you for your interest in Truestream! We plan to bring our high-speed fiber internet to all 26 counties we serve, and they are currently in the planning phase of determining where to start construction next. By examining the characteristics of the Petoskey service district, we believe this area will give us a clear understanding of the challenges, costs, and benefits involved with this project. It contains a diverse membership with both permanent and seasonal residents and different types of terrain that would be encountered in the fiber optic cable installation. Members also have access to a wide selection of competing internet service providers, giving us a more realistic idea of a potential number of members who would take fiber internet service from GLE. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.