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2:02PM February 19, 2019

Roger Smith

I live in a rural area of your service. Based on the percentage of customers interested in your internet, I will never get it. I have been a long time GLE customer. I know I chose to live where I live, but why do you concentrate your efforts on areas that have multiple choices for high speed internet? You would think you would focus on customers that have no or limited access to high speed internet. I know it is all about dollars and cents, but remember how and why you started to do what you do. My two cents?

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10:07AM February 21, 2019

Tim Adamczyk
Roger, I agree with your comments and can empathize with your situation as we are in the very same situation in our service area, Wayland. Realistically I doubt that we will see this service come to fruition for at least 5 years or more, especially being the southern most service area for GLE. We have very few options for internet and all fall short in either bandwidth, data caps or pricing. As exciting as this first was, reality is that it seems to be merely another pipe dream. My 2 pennies.

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1:34PM February 20, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Roger, I will try to answer both your questions with just one reply. We wish we could provide high-speed fiber internet service to ALL 26 counties we serve in rural Michigan at once, but that just isn't possible because we want to be smart with how we go about this. We chose our Petoskey service area, which is all of Emmet County, and parts of Charlevoix and Cheboygan counties as our pilot area for multiple reasons, and one of those is because of the variety of internet options. We cannot control who chooses to provide internet services to which area. Things like terrain and our member base were also factors. Please don't confuse us saying Petoskey service area with the city of Petoskey, we are only bringing our services to our rural Great Lakes Energy members. We feel confident if we can make a go of it factoring in competition (and don't get us wrong, A LOT of our people in the area have no options), seasonal, full-time and business accounts, and the varied economic backgrounds in the area, we will be able to expand our construction into our other areas. We have divided out Petoskey service area into smaller sections, with roughly the same number of meters in each area - and that is what we use to factor the demand for our service. Areas with no options then theoretically should have the highest demand right? When we move into a new area for construction, we will divide that area up into smaller, similar sized sections as well. If you have any additional questions, please let me know, thank you.