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10:04AM January 04, 2019

Edward Dahl

Right now all I have for internet is wireless (ATT) internet which is very expensive and not very consistent. I work for Trinity Health at the Local Hospitals and manage all of their servers and networking needs. I work from home mostly, 4 out of 5 days a week which is great. I really need fast internet service where I live and would love to be a customer or a beta tester for you. Is it possible to find out when you are coming to my area? Thanks Ed Dahl

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11:36AM January 07, 2019

Julie Bailey
Hi Edward, thank you for your interest in Truestream! Right now, we are actively working in our Petoskey service area. In 2020, we will likely begin construction in our next area, outside of the Petoskey area. Demand will help us determine where to build next, so be sure to encourage your neighbors, friends, and family to register their no obligation interest, your area could be next!