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1:49PM January 01, 2019

Shawn Powers

Just some kudos to the GLE/Truestream team. I've had months of back and forth communication with multiple people in the organization, and I was hesitantly optimistic about the fiber rollout. Then a couple weeks ago, a friend got their install. It went well. Then about a week after that, a friend down the road from my place got their install. It also went well. On New Year's Eve, I was the lucky first install of the day. Not only did the install go well, but some concerns I had were addressed with reasoned, truthful responses. (specifically, why people were advised not to change their WiFi SSIDs -- due to frequent initial updates potentially resetting modems to default) My non-standard installation was met with excitement, not frustration. And when things didn't go quite right with hardware (totally due to my unique requests), I wasn't fluffed off. Rather, one of the network techs is looking into it, and he has a history of getting back with me personally. Best of all, during the install, I got a visit from the same person I communicated with online. And even got a gift for asking so many difficult questions over the past few months. LOL! The Truestream team was professional, kind, and acted like you'd expect a CO-OP to act. Like people. I'm proud to be a part of the initial rollout, and I can assure everyone who is waiting for the build-out -- it will be worth the wait. Not just for the Internet service, but for the customer service as well. :)