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5:05AM December 17, 2018

Barbara j. Bradford

My thoughts a while ago of 10,000 by Christmas was a hopeful guess estimate. However, it looks a lot more realistic each day. I congratulate all that have made a hookup and those seriously close! It just might be a reality yet. I watch wondering what happened to the announcement of the next selected place that was to come out in November? If I missed the news darn it. So much is changing rapidly now. Have to give Julie a call and tell her how much she has helped all of us that are trying to get Truestream in our areas. I have checked back on my 2 major contacts, and yes I see numbers moving along, I know Vet's are getting information from our Vets Center here, That is terrific news for them and when Truestream is in place, I am sure it can help very much in home contacts. It hit our Commission on Ageing "UPDATE". I know that too will be wonderful for Seniors some more in home settings will find Truestream helps them reach out too. Regards to everyone @ GLE -with a Merry Christmas wish to every Household in Northern Michigan, it will come, YES IT WILL! REMEMBER YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE, PASS THE WORD, TELL A FRIEND, NEIGHBOR AND FAMILY MEMBER THAT IS WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF GLE....WE MATTER AND IT IS COMING TRUE FOR SOME DAILY.