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11:59PM October 15, 2018

Barbara j. Bradford

whew the weather is changing fast! Got some"stuff" out of the way, now to get busy here. I looked up my quota thought and it was 10,000 before Christmas....a BREEZE TO HOME PLATE! Come on Antrim County, we are Boyne section. Let's get us back on the track....10K before Christmas? Excited to put us on the map? Today some hail, rain, leaves dropping like flies...however there is plenty of dig time ahead. Dreams can be real, and some dream of a hook up by Christmas...for some yes. Rome ya know the story...not built in a day! I am not discouraged at all, excited for those having it happen right now, excited about who will be next and excited for them also...We all are having something very new for up here in the North...no baby is born without needing 9 months....some pop early and God knows we want the baby healthy, so goes this Fiber Power, no short cuts, nothing incomplete, it takes challenges and time...we have it..we have had it for a long time. When the time gets close we always yearn for a short cut....quicker, that is human...but this takes time...all are treated fairly and honest answers can haunt you...never fear it is near....it is ours..relax, watch progress happen.....encourage you? YOU???? heck you come encourage others, we can make it a song? We can do anything if we try and want enough....I want enough of Boyne to come let's get at it again ok?