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8:44AM September 17, 2018

Barbara j. Bradford

funny, how one person sees a white truestream truck in the immediate area where they live, and they are going ballistic! Goes to show people hear but do not comprehend it is real even yet. BUT...IT IS!!! Those trucks are wide open view and men jump out and people with more kinds of stuff pop out and they get it!!! "IT" is here! Now....yup Petoskey knows the feeling....I love it...makes me know I am right, people are not listening because up to now, it has been babble...go down state and it all happens as a daily event, up here it is kind of futuristic isn't it? We are seeing roads being fixed now finally and are we mad at the inconvenience? NEVER! WE ARE GETTING ROADS WITH MARKINGS, NO HOLES, WE CAN GO TO CHARLEVOIX, GAYLORD EVERYWHERE...WE ARE JUST LIKE DOWN STATE, WE HAVE CHOICES IN MORE THINGS. WHAT ROAD WILL I TAKE NEXT TO SEE THE CHANGES....? I TOOK AN AFTERNOON TO JUST DRIVE AND LOOK, CHANGE IS UPON NORTHERN MICHIGAN. THANKS TO ALL YOU DOING THE WORK...still think 10,000 will be supporters before or by Christmas!