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11:17AM August 23, 2018

Barbara j. Bradford

When someone told me about jointruestream.com. I was blown away happy. Then I began to invite my friends- like the old story, tell someone a secret and next thing you know...the world knows the secret. Well jointruestream.com is no secret!, I can see the spools of Fiber optical,the white trucks in neighborhoods!. To be able to reach out with new smart phones and reach libraries of books etc. from home and so many other ways of using this wonderful tool here at home. I remember when I learned "upload and download" from a family member...Who know that that little line could blaze through in a zip! Technology will take us to space far beyond our dreams can imagine...In school we learned about the blazing trails to the "new Alaska: The Last Frontier . I remember laying on the floor as a child reading the weekly reports of those brave souls that loaded up and headed for Alaska! I just wanted to go right now. One day our kids will look at our youth and ask, "How did you guys survive? Kerosene lamps? for real? Typewriters with no plug ins? No dishwasher? Just think of all you do today and ask your self this question. I told I am sure more than 150 people just me, myself and I. Have you shared your knowledge? Have you taken a minute to go to jointruestream.com and signed yourself in as a 'CHAMPION? How will GLE know you care if you do not do so? Mindead? Plea take an in and let them count your household as someone wanting the newest way to communicate as soon as possible....I believe if you look at the site and all the things to check out beside options...remember, they bring and install it free of charge! you chose the options best suited for your household....tell all you know and live by, change your neighborhood, your town, our living space...we can, notice the numbers? moving closer to 5,000. now. You help and watch the numbers....thanks. Remember if you need help the comment section will help you too.