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11:30PM August 18, 2018

Barbara j. Bradford

Seems the internet express is coming to town. Some will be fooled by anything that moves. I personally will keep on working and asking people to join. I want to see GLEjointruestream become the giant here...If it can carry our electrical works and keep on going, good enough for me to want. Plus I just am sick of all the yak about hi speed etc...ya see little signs popping up here and there...but when they take the signs down, who will you call for the problem....I for one say. joinTruestream, they have not just fast speed, but Fiber optic lines and we know where to find them everyday...Must be some got a bit of a scare when join truestream said ok, family, we are ready now to take the next step. We have invested in you and you us...We will be here and we are coming as fast as we can with something not seen up Northern Michigan...we know what towers do in hills and bellies...NOTHING...so let's just continue to call others, cool our jets. and pray we are right....one day we get our break....our turn, I will not throw in my hand no sir! let's hear some new names here .... we are not building the last few days.... got to get on it guys, and me too! Julie I will give a holler to ya when I get to the Boyne doors ok?