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5:33PM August 14, 2018

Julie Bailey Admin

Hi James, thanks for your interest in Truestream! I am putting the info out here, in case anyone else has the same questions, but I will email you as well. Our in-home installers will make sure all your existing devices are connected before they leave. We are not offering television, so how you choose to bring cable/local channels into your home is up to you. Since everyone has their own preferences, we aren't planning on recommending any one product or service for television. As far as equipment to buy to bring the high speed fiber-internet into your home, we will provide a router with built in WiFi. If you are asking about television equipment, again, that would be up to you to decide what works best for you. For home phone service, we offer a $5 a month discount when bundled with an internet plan, but we have no plans on further reducing that at this time. If you have any additional questions at this time, please let me know!