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11:30AM August 05, 2018

Barbara j. Bradford

Good day again, to hot to be with the wasps so here I am...Thinking of who and how to reach out to those we many times don't see. I am still sending messages to my friends, neighbors etc. and my twp meeting is tomorrow night. I am comfortable all is ready for that meeting. Woke up to early to get up thinking some more. Do you suppose if we think about the Elderly in own homes, maybe reach them thru a talk at Sr. Lunch programs? get to our Vet's Program and ask her as she interviews vets needing if that might be another contact point for some that really need the help this offers? Considered prior or new idea? Numbers are not changing much right now, do I see that correctly. It is about to change a lot I just know it. Julie "action plans" can't fail. Just looked and it seems Boyne is moving with many new Champions yes?