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10:10AM August 03, 2018

Barbara j. Bradford

pkg came yesterday now begins my count down. Yesterday I contacted with share to probably 75 neighbors and friends....I have my plan mapped out basically, and yes it is ambitious. No, I will not do it alone. You see 15 townships, 5 villages and 9 Districts are involved in this move...yes, we are a zoned Twp. I got my Supervisor interested, he said game on, today I see his name...we have this on the next agenda to bring on the Board if it is their will. Next my "Districts", are all elected officials of my county...they can be interested in fact one hit a return and thanked me for telling her about this! is she listed? no- perhaps she is one of the anonymous. One other is registered as a CHAMPION,that means A BIG thank you David. now the meeting in a few days...that will be big help...A past Commissioner is excited and she joined yesterday( excited news and she will be calling neighbors and family to tell them it is coming for real!, next the letter, what it will say is still cooking in my brain..But it will go to 29 Individuals in my plan. One big unifying meeting in the near future to put our county on the map! Then with letters and the help here, we will begin a mass move in this county. I think we might have a count that will interest others...I have to see... Hardly slept last night, but this is possible and i have to thank my champion Julie Bailey. I dare to be different, will it work, only you will tell me yes, when you become a CHAMPION too.